Careful and prudent planning: Infrastructure Department

Careful and prudent planning: Infrastructure Department -

Responsible for 384 kilometres of rails: Our infrastructure Department deals with the maintenance, repair and new construction of the RhB’s permanent way, while ensuring that it runs smoothly, safely and reliably.

Our 612 bridges, 115 tunnels, 42 cuttings, 103 stations and approximately 900 sets of points all require maintenance. Every year, the RhB invests some 150 million Swiss francs in the maintenance and replacement of infrastructure – infrastructure that provides the basis of smooth running and is ultimately responsible for the safe, punctual and reliable operation of our trains. Our team of more than 200 employees of the Infrastructure Department, organised into seven specialist departments, work day and night to keep things this way.

  • North-South Railway Operations
    Responsible for ongoing maintenance, line repairs and the technical management of renewal projects


  • Electrical Systems
    Installs and operates all electrical systems in the areas of energy supply and track overhead, safety equipment, low voltage supply and telecoms, along with wiring and cabling systems.


  • Construction Works
    Monitors and inspects the state of repair of bridges, tunnels and cuttings; plans and implements a wide range of repair and renovation projects.


  • Logistics/Services
    Plans and organises mechanical track-laying across the entire RhB network.


  • Planning/Control
    Coordinates annual investment in all infrastructure projects and draws up corresponding medium-term plans.


  • Project Development
    Manages major rebuilding and replacement work involving stations, railway crossings, and twin-track sections of line.


  • Staffing / Health and Safety / Accounts Office
    Manages and monitors issues concerning occupational and on-site health and safety, conducts the financial transactions associated with projects and supports employees in various administrative respects.


A regional lifeline: The Albula Tunnel

A regional lifeline: The Albula Tunnel

An engineering masterpiece that has gone down in history: The construction of the original railway tunnel, which is now over 110 years old, required a massive human and technical effort. But time has taken its toll on the Albula Tunnel.

A fascinating sight on the move since 1889: The Rhaetian Railway (RhB)

A fascinating sight on the move since 1889: The Rhaetian Railway (RhB)

The RhB has been an integral part of the Swiss canton of Graubünden since 1889. This most beautiful of Swiss landscapes is in fact no longer imaginable without its world-famous railway. Harmoniously embedded in the heart of nature, it links together the most beautiful places of this high Alpine region with fascinating routes which possess diversity unequalled by hardly any other railway.