Facts and Figures of the new Albula Tunnel

Facts and Figures of the new Albula Tunnel -

The project of the construction of the new Albula Tunnel has been planned since a long time. Read more about the facts and figures of the tunnel as well as the different steps to be achieved over the years.

Planning and completion


14 years (2011 – 2024)

Construction time


8½ years 

Length of Albula Tunnel II (new construction)


5,860 m

Length of Albula Tunnel I (existing structure)


5,864 m

Transverse access links to safety tunnel



Height of tunnel from top of rail


5.44 m

Inner width of tunnel 


5.76 m

Maximum altitude


1,821 metres above sea level

Attainable maximum speed in tunnel


120 km/h



Federal government 85%, canton 15%

Volume of excavation


244,000 m3 (solid material)

Trains per year


Over 15,000

Project phases



A full inspection of the tunnel reveals serious damage to its structure and an urgent need for an equipment overhaul



A conceptual study reveals possibilities regarding integral renewal of the infrastructure   



Engineers and other specialists are engaged to draw up preliminary projects based on concepts entitled “repair” and “rebuilding” respectively



A decision is made in favour of reconstruction



Start of construction work on the new Albula Tunnel II



Examinations of the subsoil and preparatory work



A project dossier is submitted to the Swiss federal government



The corresponding building permit is issued. Preparatory work begins officially in June, with the ceremonial cutting of the first turf. This includes clearing the corresponding building sites, upgrading the existing Albula Tunnel, and preparation of the landfill site at Las Piazzettas



Preliminary excavation work is carried out at the tunnel portals, and tunnelling begins from both the Preda and Spinas ends



The Raibler cellular limestone is penetrated



The final breakthrough takes place, and work on the interior can begin



Completion of tunnel shell



Installation of the track and catenary



Installation of railway technology



Completion of project



Restoring to nature / demolition / renovation of evacuation passage

At work for the rebuilding of the Albula Tunnel

At work for the rebuilding of the Albula Tunnel

Many employees will be contributing, over the next few years, to the successful completion of the Albula Tunnel project. Professionals from various sectors will be making a collaborative effort on the extensive construction site.

The construction site

The construction site

Work is being done on your behalf in Albula. The original Albula Tunnel is coming to the end of its useful life, and now needs either extensive repairs or complete rebuild. After examining in detail the alternatives, the RhB took the decision in 2010 to build a completely new metre-gauge railway tunnel, and convert the existing structure into a safety tunnel.